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Who points to us?

This is a selection of references to the abaporu project. Partly in thanks for their interest, but also because they provide useful jumping-off points for further exploration.

Kiwanja.net’s database of “projects from around the world which make social and environmental use of mobile technology in fields such as human health, economic empowerment, conservation, education, human rights and poverty alleviation.”

The World Dialogue on Regulation for Network Economies “is concerned with regulation and governance for network economies. We conduct research, facilitate online dialogue and discussion among experts, and publish and distribute papers, reports and other relevant information.”

Vivo (Brazilian mobile operator)

Journal of Community Informatics (JoCI) Vol 3, No 3 (2007) Special issue: Community Informatics in Latin America and the Caribbean

Piel Digital, Juan Freire’s blog “La tecnología nos hace humanos”

Pasta & Vinegar, Nicolas Nova’s blog about “mind/tech bazar from outer space”

LirneAsia,  a regional ICT policy and regulation think tank.



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